Friday, March 24, 2017

DJ Kronic Beats - Tentacion x Migos Type Beat

DJ Kronic Beats sends "Pipe Up", his Tentacion x Migos Type Beat.

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Millennium Jazz Music & Beat Tape Co-Op -The Big Payback Vol​.​2: Standing Order

The Big Payback is a free compilation that we will be doing from time to time to give thanks back to the various bloggers and Vloggers that have continuously been supporting MJM with features on their pages. TBP#2 is brought to you in conjunction with the Beat Tape Co-Op An excellent blog dedicated to many different styles of production and instrumental material. Check them out and get some more good music in your collections by visiting :: ::


1. Maple Syrup - Friends 03:19
2. SmokedBeat - Play For 02:47
3. Slim The Chemist - Aufzug 03:34
4. Flitz&Suppe - Payback 02:20
5. Audiophysical - The Struggle 03:16
6. Bare Beats - Take 03:06
7. Dusty Ohms - 40'z On Park Lane 02:56
8. Skinnista - The Herculoids 02:50
9. StarĂ¡ Kazka - Forgotten Memories 02:21
10. Benny Diction, Gadget, ExP & Blue Buttonz - One Time 03:12
11. Koncise - Time 03:35
12. Pawcut - Grahzny 02:52
13. Able8 & Philthy Beats - Toad Pusher 03:33
14. The Lion Ranger - Diciendo 03:09
15. Bare Beats - Gringo (Cynic The Apache) - Revisited 03:48

Lossy & Strangers Are People Too - Microverse Part I

Acclaimed electronic artist Lossy has teamed up with visual artist Strangers Are People Too for Microverse Part 1, a live looping piece which is due to be released both as a full 20 minute film and 4 track digital EP.  Stream below!!!

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Korede - Humble Beginnings

Humble Beginnings is an apt title for a instrumental compilation of previous works of J-Live produced by Korede. 5 songs spanning 2010 through 2014, that happened to be some of J-Live's most stand out tracks to date.  Stream below!!!

1. The Way That I Rhyme (Instrumental) 03:33
2. Home Or Away (Instrumental) 04:23
3. As I Start (Instrumental) 01:29
4. Around The Sun (Solstice) Instrumental 02:21
5. Not Listening (Instrumental) 03:48
6. All Day feat J-Live (Instrumental) 02:00
7. All Day feat. J-Live 02:00
8. As I Start (Over) 01:35

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Video: Spectateur - Pyromaniacs

Spectateur, the French beatmaker is back with the music video 'Pyromaniacs', in which the effects of politics and economy are denounced quiete violently.  Video directed by Jaw.

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Spectateur -

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sideswipe - BUSHIDO

“BUSHIDO” is the debut album by producer Sideswipe and represents a breaking down of the door after 10-plus years of sitting quiet on the sidelines waiting for things to happen. The word 'bushido' is japanese for The Way of the Warrior, and war is definitely being declared on weak-ass beats with the release of this album.  Stream the project below!!!

***Thanks to iStillLoveHER for sending***


1. Apollo 01:59
2. Ogami Itto 03:22
3. Form Factor 03:13
4. Revenge of the Yagyu 02:50
5. Paydirt! 02:17
6. Kyoto 03:40
7. The Burden 02:15
8. Automaton 04:16
9. Black Adam 04:05
10. The Sword 01:02
11. Indoctrinated 06:14

SVNTY6 - Dreamiiily

SVNTY6 releases a dreamy Hip Hop instrumental titled "Dreamiiily".

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J-Live - Actual [Tracks] Vol. 1

Actual [Tracks] Vol. 1 is the first in a series of instrumental albums that feature beats from previously released recordings self produced for and by J-Live. Sequenced to play like a mixtape or cohesive project, Actual Tracks feature some of J-Live's best work on production. Vol 1 spans over 16 years and nine different releases. Available exclusively at BandCamp

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1. Cold Currents [Track] 02:01
2. Epilogue [Track] 02:36
3. Travelling Music [Track] 02:38
4. Watch Sun Watch [Track] 01:53
5. Mic Singletary [Track] 02:00
6. Adda Cipher [Track] 02:23
7. Got Me Thinking [Track] 02:05
8. No Doubt [Track] 01:56
9. Old Shit [Track] 02:44
10. Hear [Track] 02:21
11. Life Comes In Threes [Track] 02:53
12. Whatever Revisited [Bonus Track] 03:15
13. Whatever Revisited Instrumental [Bonus Track] 03:15

Jacob Spitzer - Get Serious

Jacob Spitzer sends his new beat tape that features 7 tracks, it's called Get Serious.